YOUTOR is an internet platform that connects ‘Seekers’ (Questioners) with ‘UTORs’ (Experts) to solve problems and questions effectively, promptly and easily. To ensure a positive and safe community, certain etiquette and rules are required. These etiquette rules serve to create a respectful and professional environment for all users.

8 guidelines for constructive cooperation

  1. Always use appropriate language and remain professional.
  2. Be open and show understanding. Communicate any dissatisfaction with your UTOR/Seeker in a transparent, friendly and solution-oriented manner.
  3. To prevent fraud, make sure that all your payments and communication always go through the YOUTOR platform.
  4. Do not share passwords, credit card information or other sensitive personal data.
  5. Protect yourself: Be careful with unknown links or attachments from users, as they may contain malicious software.
  6. Do not engage in conversations that make you feel uncomfortable. Don't reply and report the person.
  7. Avoid using remote access tools such as Teamviewer, because allowing a stranger to control your system carries enormous risks.
  8. Do not create or share potentially harmful, copyright infringing, illegal, misleading, offensive, discriminatory or violence-glorifying content or offers. If you have the feeling that it doesn't really belong here, you're probably right most of the time.