UTOR! If you are searching for answers about how to help people solve problems, see here.

First Steps

YOUTOR is a cool virtual platform where you can find people who can help you with your problems. Simply describe your problem on the start page and talented helpers can reply with their offers to solve your problem. After you have perfect offer for you, the deal will be struck between the two of you. comes about. YOUTOR acts as a reliable mediation platform.

A Seeker is a person who is looking for a solution to their problem. UTORs are the helpers who can solve the problem.

In order to use YOUTOR to its full extent, you must register free of charge. You only need to be of legal age or, if you are not yet of legal age, have the permission of a parent or guardian. Please make sure you provide honest information when registering. As soon as you have submitted the registration form, you will receive an e-mail that you must confirm. Simply click on the link in the e-mail to complete your registration. Now you can use your account to its full extent!

Simply log in with the e-mail address and the password you chose when you registered and off you go! If you have forgotten your password, you will find a link at the login prompt to reset it.

According to our terms of use, you may only register once, regardless of whether you use the platform privately or professionally. You may not transfer your account to other users.

Creating problems

Posting your problem is free of charge. For the solution you will usually receive offers for the solution, so you can choose the price yourself.

When you create your problem, it is important to describe all relevant information of your problem as accurately as possible. You can even add a few pictures - a picture is worth a thousand words! This way, a UTOR can ensure that the perfect solution is found for you. Our AI then categorizes your problem for you in order to bring the right UTORs to your attention.

When creating your problem, it is important that you stick to the rules. Don't worry, there are just a few simple things to keep in mind: No forbidden content, do not violate the rights of others and please stay decent. This means no infringements of copyright, trademark or competition law, no content harmful to minors and no pornography. No lies or misleading information either. Just stick to the manners that we have established at UTOR. That way we all stay on the safe side and have fun!

Once you have created your problem, you can edit it at any time in your password-protected user area under My Problems and manage it. By clicking on the megaphone, you can add further important information about your problem that you may have forgotten before. You even have the option to delete it if it has been resolved in the meantime. But hey, just FYI: Sometimes it can take a while until you receive the first offers. But you don't have to wait because we'll notify you of new offers by e-mail!

Anyone who has successfully registered as UTOR can see your problem. You can find out how to register as UTOR here.

As soon as your problem has been created, various UTORs will send you their offers for a possible solution. The various offers are neatly arranged on a timeline. If you click on one of the offers, you will receive further information about the solution and the UTOR. You can also ask questions about the process within the conversation.

Each UTOR has its own profile with different information about focus areas and skills. Furthermore there are ratings from other users whose problems have been solved in the past. As soon as you have received an offer, you can view the UTOR's profile.

If a UTOR contacts you with an offer for a possible problem solution, you will receive an e-mail to the address you provided during registration.

This is done individually according to the type of problem and solution. Our platform offers you a wide range of integrated communication options. Whether chat, video telephony, voice chat or screen sharing - everything is possible! For example, the UTOR can offer you an ad-hoc solution with step-by-step instructions via chat. Or, if you prefer something more personal and want to ask questions directly, you can arrange a meeting via video chat. There are nearly no limits to your personal preferences!


After you have selected an offer and accepted it in the problem detail view, you will be taken to the payment. We use the provider 'Stripe' for payment processing. As payment methods we offer credit card (e.g. Mastercard, VISA), instant bank transfer (SOFORT, giropay, iDEAL) and purchase on account (Klarna). You can find further information at https://stripe.com/ and at https://stripe.com/privacy (Privacy Policy).

As a Seeker, you have the option of requesting a refund after the UTOR has marked the problem as solved - as long as this is not longer than 14 days ago. However, please first contact the UTOR and point this out. The problem can then be marked as unsolved again and you can continue with the solution process. If you are still dissatisfied, use the button in the problem detail view 'Something is wrong' for a refund.